One Stop Procurement Solution

We , with our extensive experience and vast network , we are able to provide all kinds of Semiconductors , Passives and Electromechanical products support without limitation as a franchised distributor. However , with our experience and professional networks, we only source from reliable channels.

Vendor Managed Inventory Program (VMI)

We have our dedicated and experience Customer Service and Planning personnel to plan , pipeline and buffer based on our customers needs and requirements. Inventory will be stocked in our warehouse or at customer on-site if needed. With 15years experience , we will be able to anticipate and stock up inventory based on suppliers and market information.


We are able to cater to programming needs whenever needed. Programming will be done with our preferred channel partner that has extensive package adapters and most updated software for programming. We will then be able to deliver to you pre-programmed parts.

Tape & Re-reeling

We are able to do taping and re-reeling service as well. We can tape your product according to your specifications. We offer taping services from an array of device types such as, SOIC, SOJ, PLCC, and TSOPS. One of our strong points regarding this service is our same day turnaround

Laser Marking

We are offer laser marking services with various sizes to fine accuracy using well known laser marking machines.

MATV System Installation

Sensor & LCD Design solutions in collaboration with Sharp

In collaboration with Sharp Japan , we are able to provide full or partial design solutions in terms of Sensors or LCD applications for our customers.